Theresa Welsh

Abandoned Detroit

Abandoned Neighborhoods
in Depopulated Detroit

The neighborhood east of Woodward,
south of State Fair
and north of Seven Mile Road

These photos taken during January 2010.

This neighborhood is sometimes shown on maps as Chaldean Town." The area along Seven Mile just east of Woodward Avenue has a smattering of Chaldean businesses and this was the traditional neighborhood for Chaldeans. But Detroit's Chaldean population, like so many other ethnic groups, has spread out and mostly been absorbed into the suburban areas.

The house below appears to have burned; are these stuffed animals a tribute to children who lived in this house? Also note the crucifix.
These empty neighborhoods are always targets for arsonists.

Some of these houses are abandoned, some are not.

That's David, with his camera, in this picture

More stuffed animals nailed to a post. What happened here?

The neighborhood east of Telegraph Road,
north of Fenkell and Eliza Howell Park

These photos taken during November 2009.

Telegraph Road is a major highway separating Detroit from its western suburbs. Eliza Howell Park is a large undeveloped area just south of Fenkell which has served as a park, with a tennis court and picnic tables. A small creek flows through it, and there is substantial forest area within the park. A circular road, at times closed off to traffic, allows visitors to drive inside the park. Due to hard times and lack of money, the park is not being maintained. The road is in very poor condition, but you can still walk through it, and it is a beautiful piece of nature!


Below are photos of the residential area north of Fenkell. These are newer houses, mostly small, one-story.
There is widespread abandonment in this area and some streets have few occupied homes.

Photos by Theresa Welsh and David Welsh


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